Nabahu E7 Limited Edition


The all-new NABAHU E7 holds the mantle for the most advanced PCP sporter in the world – and for good reason. A breath-taking picture of elegance on the outside, secreted within its sidelever-operated, computerised action lies the very latest electronic MCT technologydeveloped from the Pulsar program. It comes in both standard and Hi-Power models, the latter including a .22 calibre version for big-bore fans.





Digitally regulated for a super consistent high shot-count, and sporting a trigger that incorporates adjustability of both release and finger placement, the Red Wolf delivers match-like accuracy at the very extremes of airgun ranges. Its masterfully sculpted stock sandwiches soft red undertones between its black laminates, although a walnut version is also available for traditionalists. However it’s dressed though, its ambidextrous design caters for a perfect gun fit courtesy of a butt pad and raised cheekpiece, both fully adjustable.
Aiding the E7’s user-friendly handling is a lightweight carbon-fibre bottle (though a steel option is available), above which sits a fully-shrouded carbon barrel that helps mute the muzzle report in the field. And, of course, the ABA new side lever design marries effortless cocking with speedy loading courtesy of NABAHU’s latest generation,  auto-indexing magazine.
In looks, handling and performance, the new A7, K7, L7, E7 is pure airgun artistry.




 Nabahu E7 Limited Edition
 Overall Length 656mm
 Barrel Length 450mm
 Cylinder Capacity 300cc
 Weight (Unscoped) 3.2kg
 Loading n bolt
 Magazine 9 shot/20 shot/single shot
 Fill Pressure up to 250 BAR (3600psi)
 Power  33ft/lbs, up to 1000fbs
 Trigger Mechanical. Adjustable
 Stock Teak/ Walnut/ Pomu
 Options FAC Version 900fbs
"The NABAHU RUBY LIMITED EDITION is quite a special rifle. It’s dripping with clever features and has dramatic looks that many will love."
Phill Price, Editor Air Gunner
"The NABAHU K7 LIMITED EDITION screams tradition; no collection is complete without one!"
Giles Barry, Airgun Gear Show