Nabahu A7 Arrow


NABAHU A7 has now been extended to include an air-regulated action and side lever cocking.







Offering all the time-proven attributes of the NABAHU A7 and now including the availability of a grey laminate or walnut thumbhole stock, the new R model swaps a cocking bolt for the in-vogue sidelever cocking system, increasing yet further the appeal of this very versatile PCP. Additionally, the sidelever can be switched from right-side operation to left, further building upon the ambidextrous design of the thumbhole stock.
And, of course, that R suffix denotes this rifle’s piece-de-resistance – its regulator. Developed especially for NABAHU in partnership with the internationally renowned VN regulator specialist, ABA, the measured air control that it brings to the R’s action brings a host of benefits. Not only does it maximise shot-to-shot consistency as the rifle cycles through its usable air charge, but downrange accuracy is also improved. Furthermore, a greater number of shots are returned per fill-up – a big advantage on the Hi-Power and A7 models, which will return around 200 per cent more shots than the standard A7 courtesy of the ABA’s highly efficient use of air.
If the A7 is a marvel of mechanical PCP technology, then the NABAHU A7 has to be the pinnacle.



 Nabahu A7 Arrow
 Overall Length 1129mm
 Barrel Length 594mm
 Cylinder Capacity 300cc
 Weight (Unscoped) 2.4kg
 Magazine single shot
 Fill Pressure 250 BAR
 Trigger Arrow
 Stock Walnut
"The NABAHU RUBY LIMITED EDITION is quite a special rifle. It’s dripping with clever features and has dramatic looks that many will love."
Phill Price, Editor Air Gunner
"The NABAHU K7 LIMITED EDITION screams tradition; no collection is complete without one!"
Giles Barry, Airgun Gear Show